My Story

I have been involved in graphic design since 2000 and I've worked for many different specialty fields in graphic design, from typesetting for printing presses, to illustration, webdesign, online marketing, and traditional advertising.

I use this well rounded understanding I've developed to give my clients access to every aspect of design that they may need for their business. Web Design, branding graphics, printed materials, social media advertising, anything you need for your business I can provide you. No need to run to multiple agencies and services. I handle it all for you, giving you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your business.

I am locally available in Clarksburg, however I am happy to travel to meet you at your office and the nature of this business allows me to help you remotely. While I cater to helping West Virginia businesses, I also have clients in other states and I do more than just web design.

It's absolutely free to contact me and ask about something you need. Even if what you need is one of the very rare services I cannot assist you with, I am happy to refer you to another colleague in the industry who I trust can help you out. West Virginian hospitality at its best!

Appalachian approach to Design

It can be difficult to run a modern business in West Virginia. Mountainous terrain is beautiful but hard for cell signal, and broadband can be hard to get outside of urban pockets.

It's because of this that make small businesses in West Virginia so tough and unique. You need to wear multiple hats and be flexible to adapt and thrive when the unexpected hits.

The internet has been a great empowerment for small businesses as it helps give you an equal opportunity with larger businesses in getting access to customers. However the rules keep changing as technology updates, and this can get hard to navigate fast.

My philosophy to helping a small business with their design needs is starting at the beginning to evaluate what that business needs. Then I customize a package to fit that business's budget and goals.


Who Is Mottfolio?

Mottfolio Design started in design school, where there were many Emilys in my art classes and my long last name of Mottesheard was a bit too complicated for teachers and classmates to alternatively call me by. Not to mention that name is a bit long to fit into a painting as a signature! So I started signing all my work "Mott" and that nickname stuck with classmates,  teachers, and friends. Mottfolio is a combination of "Mott" and "Portfolio" as I have a large variety of services that I offer my clients. Most importantly, it is much easier for clients to remember Mottfolio than trying to recall my full name. is much easier to type into a browser than something like

My goal is to make it easy for your customers to find you, and the first step is making it easy for you to find me!

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Emily Mottesheard

Owner & Lead Designer

Next Steps...

So perhaps you have a need and after reading through my website you think I might be able to help you out. What are you waiting for? Click that button and send me a message. Consultations are free and I should at least throw some helpful advice your way.