What/Who is Mottfolio Design?

My name is Emily Mottesheard, and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living in West Virginia. I've worked in both the advertising and printing industries in various positions, most notably typesetting and graphic design, however I have over 13 years experience working freelance and tayloring graphics and websites to suit individual business needs. Some of my more notable projects have been for NY Times Best Selling authors like John Ringo, Faith Hunter, and Rob Thurman.

The origin of Mottfolio Design is not all that complicated. Mottesheard is a bit too long of a name to sign on my fine art pieces, so I started signing "Mott" on everything. Like most things the name stuck (lot of professors called me "Mott" back in college when there were too many Emilys in their class) so I applied it to my freelance business.

Mott + Portfolio = Mottfolio

What can I do for you?

Really the right question is what do you need? Do you need a new website design? Are you starting a new company or trying to put a competitive new face on an old one and need a professional looking logo? Are you needing professional typesetting done for a newsletter you wish to print, but at a more economical rate then what printing companies charge? (Printing companies set intentionally high typesetting rates to encourage customers to send press ready work.)

Here is a list of services I have and can do for you:

  • New company Logo
  • Revision/Revamp of existing logo
  • Book/magazine cover design
  • Book/magazine cover illustration
  • Book/magazine layout & typesetting
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Website Design
  • Single illustration commission(b/w, color, digital, traditional media, etc)
  • Sequential art (comics) illustration
  • Political and commercial ad design
  • Miniatures Painting (Warhammer 40k, Reaper, Warmachine, Historical, etc)
  • Media/Advertisement/Promotion Consultation
  • Animation

If you are interested in any of the services that I can offer you, or simply have questions, please contact me at my main email address mottesheard @ You can also reach me at the various social media links I have listed above.